Our Story

Why we're here

The biggest challenge today in dating and relationships is not finding a partner, but finding the right partner for you. 70% of all new relationships end within the first year and almost half of all marriages end in divorce.

We know that relationships aren't always easy and that many people hear themselves questioning their choices, "why am I always drawn to the same type that isn't good for me?", "If I adapt, we'll be better together," " Can anyone even love me exactly as I am?".

Relate is a purpose-driven relationship technology company based in Stockholm. Since 2018, the goal has been to develop digital services to help people to more conscious & meaningful love relationships. We want to help you find the relationship where you are both compatible with each other and where you fulfill each other's needs in a relationship.

Våra värderingar

The world we dream of

Our vision is a world where we can feel more love, authenticity and diversity. Where we develop to learn how to become more anchored in ourselves and aligned with our values. Where our actions are based on warmth and humanity, for a future with deeper connection with everything around us.

We value

  • To embrace honesty and openness
  • An environment where everyone can feel at ease to be themselves
  • To be challenged by constructive feedback in order to develop
  • Understanding to build empathy, trust and open doors

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