Tips for taking pictures that shows who you are and how you live your life

It's not the perfect pose that counts but finding photos where you feel like yourself. Don't overthink what your best angle is or what others would appreciate. The most important thing is to give insight into what your life looks like.

Choose profile pictures

Ask someone to suggest photos they like of you. In this way, you get a perspective on how to best present yourself and your personality in your profile. Also ask yourself what kind of pictures you appreciate in other people's profiles.

  • Typical profile picture?
  • Full body image?
  • Laughing-Goofy-picture?

Choose lifestyle photos

Pictures of you doing something you like, are a good way to give a sense of your personality and what it would be like to hang out with you in everyday life. Therefore, keep in mind that it is much more rewarding for others to see a picture of you cooking instead of just a picture of the food. Capture and share your current activities with pictures taken by others or using a self-timer on your camera or phone. Show others what you're up to and give them a glimpse into your world.

Capture moments more frequently

Tips from Relate Date users

  • Have recent photos to avoid confusion about your current appearance and life. Small details such as hair length and wedding ring can change over time, so keeping your photos up to date can help others have a more accurate perception of you.
  • Although the photos are important, it's ultimately the profile texts that can determine whether they relate.
  • The profile texts give more understanding of the context in the picture, which is appreciated for getting to know someone more already in the profile